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RAGE | Bodyboard Session In France | Riraw Prod

RAGE | Bodyboard Session In France | Riraw Prod Pierre Louis Costes , Ben Player, Lewy Finnegan , Yvon Martinez , Jeremy Arnoux, Nico Capony, les fréres Capdeville in France. Filmed and edited by Riraw Prod : (Visited 422 times, 1 visits today)

Iain Campbell ripping in 2018

Editor: Render Films – Filmers: Render Films – Rosie Lombard – Palm Productions –… Meduxa Mag – Dave McMaster –… Budeo (Jimmy Brown) – Thanks to everyone who helped make this production possible… (Visited 255 times, 1 visits today)

Nazaré Pro 2018 – Final Day Highlights

Congratulations Jared Houston. (Visited 318 times, 1 visits today)

Viana World Championships 2018 – Final Day Highlights

Armide Soliveres is your new Pro Junior World Champion 🏆 When the clock was stopped on Sunday afternoon with 18 minutes of the Pro Junior World Championship remaining, Armide Solveres was holding a combined score of 15.65. In the remaining 18 minutes of the final, the bodyboarder from the Canary Islands was able to maintain […]

IAIN CAMPBELL – Welcome to France

Iain CAMPBELL just take few days during his 2018 World Title Race to visit FRANCE, share some sessions with French Riders & sign some posters … For his first time in France, Iain had some good waves & good moments … Film & Edition : Palm Production Riders : Iain Campbell Martin Mouradian Arthur Cony […]

Tanner McDaniel & Craig Whetter Bodyboard MASSIVE WEDGE

“This was by far the biggest I’ve ever seen Wedge get. I know there’s been bigger days, but this was enormous! In this video I have just bodyboarding (and one clip of a shortboarder, which I had to use because it was part of the same clip, and that wave was huge). I’ll be posting […]


I was recently blessed with the opportunity to film two of the world’s top bodyboarding professionals near the tip of Southern Africa. The weekend we spent there was filled with good laughs, pumping waves and mind blowing sunsets! Cheers to the two legends for providing me with this opportunity, and a huge shoutout to James […]