CHAPTER – A short movie ft. Maxime Castillo & Teresa Almeida

Get into the life of Maxime Castillo & Teresa Almeida through Palm Production‘s latest masterpiece: ‘CHAPTER’. A refreshing & orignal insight about their daily life – surfing, travelling on the World Tour & spending more & more time in Portugal. Far from what the industry got us used to. (Visited 477 times, 1 visits today)

Onda Bela – Isabela Sousa

Onda Bela – INDONÉSIA – III – Aventuras em Jawa Fala galera! Esse episódios vou contar a aventura que tive com meus amigos em Jawa: Melina, Jose, Pedro e eu. Fomos a procura da cachoeira e ensinamos a Melina a surfar na onda casca grossa de frente a minha casa em Jawa. Espero que gostem […]

Isabella Sousa is ready to start a new year on the #DreamTour

Well, 2016 has been a great year for her as she won her 4th APB World Title. This clip showcases Isabela competing and free-surfing around the world, including some crazy action at Java’s most infamous break. (Visited 340 times, 1 visits today)