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Nazare Pro 2018 – Highlights Day 3

Congratulations Ayaka Suzuki 🇯🇵 🏆 Ayaka Suzuki was able to overcome a very much in form Alexandra Rinder in a final, winner-take-all ‘super heat’ to claim her first world title, which also happened to be the first world title ever for Japan in the sport of bodyboarding. Suzuki managed to take the win after a shock exit from the competition […]

Nazare Pro 2018 – Day 2 Highlights

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CHAPTER – A short movie ft. Maxime Castillo & Teresa Almeida

Get into the life of Maxime Castillo & Teresa Almeida through Palm Production‘s latest masterpiece: ‘CHAPTER’. A refreshing & orignal insight about their daily life – surfing, travelling on the World Tour & spending more & more time in Portugal. Far from what the industry got us used to. (Visited 599 times, 1 visits today)

Onda Bela – Isabela Sousa

Onda Bela – INDONÉSIA – III – Aventuras em Jawa Fala galera! Esse episódios vou contar a aventura que tive com meus amigos em Jawa: Melina, Jose, Pedro e eu. Fomos a procura da cachoeira e ensinamos a Melina a surfar na onda casca grossa de frente a minha casa em Jawa. Espero que gostem […]

Isabella Sousa is ready to start a new year on the #DreamTour

Well, 2016 has been a great year for her as she won her 4th APB World Title. This clip showcases Isabela competing and free-surfing around the world, including some crazy action at Java’s most infamous break. (Visited 734 times, 1 visits today)