This is the full Movie for the already released webseries all together as one with a new intro and extra bonus section. Ultimately the beatdown @3:13 (and various others because lets not beat around the bush here, they happened, and were fun at the time..) slapped me with whats been now a year long spinal […]

BodyBoard Nation EP 5.04: César Bauer Pt.2

César Bauer en Río Loa (Iquique – Chile) Video de viaje a Iquique: vimeo.com/89242406 Soundtrack: Artista : Royal Blood (facebook.com/RoyalBloodUK) Canción : Figure It Out Albúm : Royal Blood (Visited 32 times, 1 visits today)

BodyBoard Nation EP 6.04: César Bauer – 3 Horas en El Paso

César Bauer entrenando 3 horas en la ola de El Paso en Punta Hermosa (Lima – Perú) Editor: Ernesto Guevara (photonowperu.com) Filmmaker: Thruster Magazine (thrustermag.com) Soundtrack: Artista: Public Service Broadcasting (facebook.com/PUBLICSERVICEBROADCASTING) Canción: Signal 30 (Visited 29 times, 1 visits today)

DropKnee Exploration Pico Alto, Perú

Cesar Bauer heads to Puerto Escondido Mexico to train & prepare himself to DropKnee Peru’s big surfing spot Pico Alto. Nobody has tried to DK Pico Alto before. Sponsor by Adidas Peru. Cesar viajo a Puerto Escondido para entrenar y prepararse en el beackbreak mexicano. El objectivo del viaje era llegar a Pico Alto con […]