BBR MAG PRESENTS: Sammy Morretino – Pipeline Feb 2018

2017 Drop-Knee World Champion Sammy Morretino showing some versatility at Pipeline. Video/Edit: Chris Kincade Drone: Steven Tiralongo FINE ART PRINTS (Visited 691 times, 1 visits today)

Fabien Thazar – Drop-Kneeing Reunion Island

Here is an underground edit of an awesome rider & humble person : Fabien Thazar. Film & edit : Ciel photographie & Ricardo Januzi (Visited 288 times, 1 visits today)

Hubboard 2017 // Episode 9

This episode features Jeff and Dave Hubbard bodyboarding all the top spots on Oahu’s North Shore, using all their latest Hubboards bodyboards, fins, wetsuits, leashes and accessories. Keep an eye out for a new product that’s coming out soon, our Inflatable Boog Mat. Watch the footage of Dave Hubbard testing it out at Pipeline, the […]

Hubbard brothers shredding in Gran Canaria during the 2016 Fronton King

Jeff & Dave doing what they do best in what’s probably the best bodyboard park in the World: El Fronton. Dubb shows why he’s considered the most versatile rider in the world while Jeff simply tears it up. (Visited 707 times, 1 visits today)

Martin Mouradian’s simple pleasures in the Caribbean

APB Tour’s drop-knee world n°2 Martin Mouradian spent winter at home. Martin is also one of the most versatile rider & the Caribbean seems to be his favorite playground. (Visited 871 times, 1 visits today)


This is the full Movie for the already released webseries all together as one with a new intro and extra bonus section. Ultimately the beatdown @3:13 (and various others because lets not beat around the bush here, they happened, and were fun at the time..) slapped me with whats been now a year long spinal […]

BodyBoard Nation EP 5.04: César Bauer Pt.2

César Bauer en Río Loa (Iquique – Chile) Video de viaje a Iquique: vimeo.com/89242406 Soundtrack: Artista : Royal Blood (facebook.com/RoyalBloodUK) Canción : Figure It Out Albúm : Royal Blood (Visited 237 times, 1 visits today)

BodyBoard Nation EP 6.04: César Bauer – 3 Horas en El Paso

César Bauer entrenando 3 horas en la ola de El Paso en Punta Hermosa (Lima – Perú) Editor: Ernesto Guevara (photonowperu.com) Filmmaker: Thruster Magazine (thrustermag.com) Soundtrack: Artista: Public Service Broadcasting (facebook.com/PUBLICSERVICEBROADCASTING) Canción: Signal 30 (Visited 215 times, 1 visits today)