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RAGE | Bodyboard Session In France | Riraw Prod

RAGE | Bodyboard Session In France | Riraw Prod Pierre Louis Costes , Ben Player, Lewy Finnegan , Yvon Martinez , Jeremy Arnoux, Nico Capony, les fréres Capdeville in France. Filmed and edited by Riraw Prod : https://www.facebook.com/rirawprod

Nazaré Bodyboard Pro 2018 Finest

A compilation of the best waves of the APB Nazaré Pro, Portugal Bodyboard 2018 Edited and produced by Luís “Ben” Coelho / @dabprods Filmed by: Humberto Santos & Luís “Ben” Coelho

Chapter III – “The hope” with Joana Schenker

Joana Schenker, world bodyboard champion, is an athlete who has been dedicated to the sea since childhood. She is currently an ambassador of the Blue Ocean Foundation, and we travelled with her to Iceland to see one of the most ecologically aware countries of the world. We’ve entitled this trip “To The Oceans.” It has […]

Iain Campbell ripping in 2018

Editor: Render Films – https://www.instagram.com/renderfilmco/ Filmers: Render Films – https://www.instagram.com/renderfilmco/ Rosie Lombard – https://www.instagram.com/rosie_lombard/ Palm Productions – https://www.instagram.com/palmproduct… Meduxa Mag – https://www.instagram.com/meduxamag/ Dave McMaster – https://www.instagram.com/davemackmas… Budeo (Jimmy Brown) – https://www.instagram.com/budeo_tour/ Thanks to everyone who helped make this production possible…

Nazare Pro 2018 – Highlights Day 3

Congratulations Ayaka Suzuki 🇯🇵 🏆 Ayaka Suzuki was able to overcome a very much in form Alexandra Rinder in a final, winner-take-all ‘super heat’ to claim her first world title, which also happened to be the first world title ever for Japan in the sport of bodyboarding. Suzuki managed to take the win after a shock exit from the competition […]