VISA 462 – Daniel Fonseca around Oz

In January 2016, Daniel and his girlfriend, Sofia Oliveira, arrived in Australia with the 462 – Work and Holiday visa. They worked in Sydney for three months and then spent four months traveling in a van all over Australia.
They crossed the country from east to west, driving a total of 24 000 km in a journey were they met the most incredible people.

A special thanks from Daniel to:

Fábio and Érica, Bernardo Jerónimo, Ana, João Jorge, Adriana Pereira, Nathaniel Golebiowski,
Ezra Golebiowski, Aden Arens, Golebiowski Family, Jake Metcalfe, Dylan Beach,
Matt Henwood, Brett Champion, Luke Osta, Fábio Family, Brad McGibbon, Bay Meyer,
Casey Flynn, Barraca Food Truck, SunZapper, Melanie Jove-Parada, Joe Clarke,
Lachie Cramsie, Ryan Cheeseman, Michael Jennings, Deeply.

Filmed by: Sofia Oliveira
Edited by: António Saraiva
Additional Footage: Ryan Cheeseman, Michael Jennings, Casey Flynn

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  1. Great Video, greater moves, awesome landscapes all perfectly melted together with an hypnotic Soundtrack. Definitely one of the best Body Board Videos I’ve seen lately
    Just as a remark the band and song names were missing in the credits (at least I couldn’t find them) and I think it would be fair to mention them when the film owes so much to the soundtrack (not putting aside the great Job assembling this master piece though).
    Ladies and Gentleman: The Sensible Soccers – AFG


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