OpenLive Shark Island Challenge 2016

In this video and are excited to present the APB Shark Island Invitational TV Show featuring the world’s best bodyboarders attempting to conquer one of the best waves in the world!

Weather forecasters predicted a very large swell above the 5m mark to hit the east coast producing waves of up to 6m in height. A handful of the world’s best Bodyboarder’s competed in a swell which rivalled the 2001 Shark Island Challenge – the most historic and craziest Shark Island to date, which had a similar swell size and direction.

Watch some of the most insane bodyboarding go down!

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  1. Great production.
    APB Tour TV Rocks!
    This really captures the atmosphere of the Open Live Shark Island Challenge 2016. This video gives viewers a true sense of how intimidating the waves were during that event.
    Thanks to all the competitors for being brave enough to ride those waves and show the world how amazing bodyboarding can be.


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